Logos College (LC) was established on August 2014, in accordance with the Minister’s degree No. 4425/MOES, dated Nov.2014 2014.

The College conducts Higher Diploma programs consisting of: 1. Economic Business Management, 2. English Language, 3. Korea Language Translation, and 4. Lao Language Translation. Training programs consists of: 1. English Language, 2. Korea Language Translation, 3. Lao Language Translation, and 4. English Special Programs.

Initially, the Logos Academy conducted in teaching and learning the English language, and computer programs with special courses, from 2002 until 2014.

The establishment of the Logos College has the following aims:

1.To build up the quality and equality of implementation of educational systems in Lao PDR, between public and private colleges.

2. To promote and develop the educational systems of teaching and learning processes based on the 3 general tasks and the 5 information studies.

3. To expand and preserve the art, culture, and tradition of our multi-ethnic nation.

Logos College is set to become the standard of a quality institution. In this regard, it will contribute to capacity building, the strengthening of human resources through fostering intellectual vitality, promoting knowledge and skills, providing positive attitudes, generating loyalty and dignity, and ensuring good physical and mental health. The college graduates are to be that of the most-sought after man-power by the countries and the regions demanding employers, and enable them to become accomplished in their fields or areas of specialization, as well as the employees in their respective communities and nations.

Logos’ mission is as follows:

* To provide teaching and training courses and thus contribute to the development of the country’s human resources, as well as foreign languages to international equivalence.

* To preserve the art, culture and tradition of our multi-ethnic nation, while acknowledging and showing respect to others beliefs, customs, and cultures.

* To provide student scholarships to those who exhibit exceptional performance and to promote incentives to students who lack opportunity.

* To take the missions assigned and directed by the Ministry of Education and Sports, as well as keep in line with the Government of Lao PDR.